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Kill All The Judges

Kill All the Judges

This comic thriller was a finalist for the Stephen Leacock award, and it drew widely upon this author’s growing collection of characters, including the ever-introspective Arthur Beauchamp, and the Garibaldi Island oddballs who constantly plague him. Here’s a summary:

Is someone systematically killing the judges of the B.C. bar? At least one has been murdered and several have disappeared. Arthur Beauchamp returns from retirement once again to take on the case, this time defending his former nemesis, backwoods poet Cudworth Brown, and tracking down a mystery novel that Brown’s demented former lawyer has been writing – all this just as his own wife, Margaret, has announced her candidacy for the Green Party in a forthcoming federal by-election.

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“Complex, madcap, and peopled with some of the most delightfully eccentric characters to be found between two covers, Kill All the Judges more than proves William Deverell’s mastery of the hilarious crime novel.”

And a selection of reviews:

” Kill All the Judges is replete with Stephen Leacock–like humour…. I have yet to find a writer who can capture the wit, whimsy and whirlwind pandemonium of her Majesty’s Criminal Courts the way Deverell does.” Globe and Mail

” Kill All the Judges finds [Deverell] at the top of his game. ” Toronto Star

” A master of the laugh-out-loud crime novel. ” Vancouver Sun

” This is one of the funniest books I’ve read in years…. Intelligent, perfectly plotted, cynical and fast moving. Like a runaway train that seems to be headed in all directions at the same time…. Preposterous, dramatic and hilarious. Highly recommended. ” Waterloo Region Record

” There is plenty of humour that threads its way through this novel…. Kill All the Judges provides a delightful, witty and satisfying read. ” BC BookWorld

” Deverell is a writer capable of generating a belly laugh with the turn of a phrase… . But keep your wits about you. Kill All the Judges is a tale within a story; a road map with no signs… . It’s a testament to Deverell’s skill with words, wonderful characters and a plot worth the journey. ” Hamilton Spectator

” Amusing and witty. ” Quill & Quire

” Complex, fascinating, and fun… . Kill All the Judges is a classic crime work, from an author heralded as one of Canada’s best, and with good reason. ” Shelf Life

“Expect crackling wit, laugh-out-loud crime and madcap characters. Retired barrister Arthur Beauchamp’s golden years aren’t as serene as he planned when members of his former profession start turning up dead” Canadian Living Magazine

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