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I’ll See You in My Dreams

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In 1962, Arthur Beauchamp is about to undertake his first murder trial. His defendant is Gabriel Swift, a politically active young aboriginal accuse of killing Professor Dermot Mulligan, a former mentor to both men. Arthur becomes increasingly convinced that the police evidence against Gabriel is not only flimsy, but suspiciously convenient in a system - and a society - with entrenched racist assumptions. But as the case progresses, Arthur develops an uncomfortable sense that Gabriel is not telling him the whole truth. And to make matters worse, the green young lawyer is up against a wily veteran of the courts and a clever but biased judge. Five decades later, Arthur remains haunted by the case. Finally, he is compelled to emerge from retirement to try to complete what he began all those years ago. He must pass through some murky and long-repressed personal territory along the way, but the journey ultimately offers hope for the peace of redemption.

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“A classic … . Deverell, one of the finest of Canada’s writers, builds his best book ever… . There is a great courtroom drama here, something that Deverell excels at, and an even better denouement with a twist nobody will guess… . . Superb.” – Margaret Cannon, Globe and Mail

“As with many of the great protagonists readers are drawn to in the mystery genre, it is Beauchamp’s flaws, and he has many, that make him so interesting.” – Victoria TimesColonist

“Deverell’s undertone of fury thrums most audibly [concerning] the multi-generational tragedies of Canada’s residential schools but there’s still laughter, though, in Arthur’s personal mishaps – his blunderings in his encounters with women, his rueful observations of himself as an often hapless old man, plus delicious nuggets of political gossip.” – Joan Barfoot, Toronto Sun.

“William Deverell is determined to avoid being pigeon-holed as a ‘mystery writer.’ His writing is much more eloquent, his characters more fully developed. And yet his plots are as convoluted as the best in the mystery genre. This fifth novel in the Arthur Beauchamp series follows the uproariously comical Snow Job with a far darker novel. I’ll See You in My Dreams delves into a case from Beauchamp’s early career, a murder that has haunted him for almost five decades. I found the parts of the book set in and around Vancouver BC in the early 1960s to be wonderfully evocative of that time and place. Beauchamp is a complex, captivating and sometimes disturbing protagonist, and this book helps readers to understand why. Deverell’s fans will be pleased with this latest, while newcomers are advised to read Trial of Passion, April Fool, Kill All the Judges, and Snow Job first, in order to fully appreciate this chapter in the Beauchamp saga.” Dr. David R. Boyd, author of Unnatural Law.

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